Monday, June 18, 2012

Ashland, MA Hurricane 1954

 Not really sure if you can call the papers and documents found in my attic a collection,  but there is a lot of history in the photos and life stories of the residents of Ashland, MA.  Some were saved by my grandparents and my parents, then me. 

If only I was thinking of preservation instead of stuffing bags and boxes into the recesses of the attic, many of the pieces in the 'collection' would be in better shape. As for now, I'm just finding and sorting originals of which many will go to the Ashland Historical Society.

Recently found some old news clippings and photos from Ashland, MA.  I'll be putting up
scans of things I find for those who are interested and as time allows.  Some will be a little fuzzy, ripped, torn
and with stains. 

After the Hurricane on 8/31/1954 Boston Edison
posted this message to customers.

The name Edna will not be used in another Atlantic hurricane

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